Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Yay! I'm in Gryffindor

i'm in gryffindor!
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Congratulations on making Gryffindor!
Basically, you're brave, daring, chivalrous, and pretty much.. an all around good person. Of course, some see you as a goodie-two-shoes. But hey, it's true! You're really good at winning, and normally always come out as the hero. Everybody likes you.. except, maybe, the Slytherins. You're too perfect. No, really.. You're too perfect. It's annoying to watch you win, repeatedly. Oh well. Be proud anyway.

Gryffindors to Remember:

Harry Potter
Ron Weasley
The whole Weasley family
Hermione Granger
Albus Dumbledore

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Hi Folks

Hi folks. Sorry to have neglected my blogging friends for so long, and thanks to Lynette for giving me a gentle nudge in the direction of my blog (thanks Lynette!).

The reason I haven't been around is that I've just been really busy with my OU course work, that, and the general everyday stuff that gets in the way of blogland. My course is going fine and I'm two assignments down and working on the third one - poetry. Poetry is bloomin' hard. You'd think all you had to do was lock yourself away in some old garret somewhere, all wretched and starving (yea, right) and wait for inspiration to strike. Not so. Even if you do get some divine (or otherwise) inspiration and manage to write a poetic offering, you then have to take into account things like imagery, rhyme, rhythm, metre, feet (yes, really) and so on. It's practically mathematical - and I don't do maths! Never mind, poetry will soon be over and then it's back to 'writing' again - this is generally when my imagination deserts me. So, as you can see, it's all going swimmingly :-)

Other than that, I've nothing exciting to report. Miss Lucy and Mister Adam are fine - Mr Adam has just recently had his 7th birthday - a fine time was had by all. Never again will I have more than one little boy in the house at the same time. We had four and it was all very, very NOISY. Not only that, but they would rather sword fight than play Pass the Parcel! Can you imagine?

What else? Hmm, well mum is in hospital after having a hip operation (shhh, don't tell her I told, she will kill me) yesterday morning and is doing very well. Amazing really - last night she was paler than pale and a little woozy and sore and this afternoon she was sitting up in bed looking much healthier and wearing her lipstick. Apparently, some of the medical staff are rather dishy...

Well, that's about all my news for now. My laptop is about to run out of power (Yes, that's my new laptop!!!) so I must fly before everything disappears from this post. I will try to post more regularly and keep in touch more. I hope you are all well and being wonderfully creative!