Monday, 30 June 2008

Where to Begin?

Where to begin? It's been so long since I posted anything - I just can't combine blogging and studying successfully. Not to worry, I've a few months with no studying and at last I can reintroduce myself to my blogging friends (if they remember me...).

Well then...what's been happening lately? In May there was the occasion of my Nana's 88th birthday. Here she is cutting into her surprise cake. We had a lovely family meal at a local hotel and she loved every minute of it. She is now planning her 90th bash!

One of the big events in June was my niece's wedding (well, Laura is Dave's niece really, but I've adopted her as my own ;-)) Miss Lucy was the littlest bridesmaid and looked absolutely gorgeous and took her duties very seriously - looking after the bride and the biggest bridesmaid :-)

Mr Adam was desperate to wear the kilt (I mean really desperate), so a kilt was duly hired and I think he looked wonderful in it. His official title at the wedding was 'Guest of Honour' and his duties involved walking the bride's mother down the aisle and presenting the bride with a lucky black cat. In the photo below he is trying out his outfit to make sure it all fits okay.

I loved this pic of Adam - it reminded me of this famous picture...

Here are the happy couple, Laura and Colin; biggest bridesmaid, Emma; and littlest bridesmaid, Miss Lucy.

Cheeky monkeys.

It was a fantastic day and the weather was lovely - really hot. I think Lucy and Adam had the best time of all at the reception where they ran about outside in the gardens with other children and had an absolute ball!
A week after the wedding we had a weeks holiday near Oban. I'll post up some pictures soon.
Aaaah. It's nice to be back :-)))