Sunday, 12 April 2009

Most Excellent Easter Activities

We've had a lovely Easter weekend here. The weather has been good - especially today - and the children and myself have been doing plenty of crafty Easter activities.

Lucy made this gorgeous Easter basket - following the instructions found here on the Limelight Papercrafts blog (thank you Limelight!).

We made some finger puppets. Quite cute, but the glue wasn't the most effective :-/

Then it was on to card making - we got a bit carried away with cards actually and made loads!

Card making in progress...

Finally, we coloured some hard boiled eggs with food colouring - brilliant fun!

Most of the crafty stuff was done on Saturday, but today we had such good weather that Miss Lucy and Mr Adam were out in the garden for ages and I had to make cupcakes without the usual helpers to assist :-( Still, they came out okay despite that! We had some visitors arrive in the shape of my mum, my Nana, my sister and my nephew (complete with full length cast on his leg - the result of his first ever skiing holiday!) - we had a good blether, tea and cupcakes and a generally nice time of it.

In the words of Bill and Ted; it was Most Excellent, Dude!

Please excuse the wonky formatting on this post - Blogger wasn't playing!