Saturday, 23 May 2009

Another Cake & a Study Break

At long last the final assessment has gone. After agonising over the damn thing, tweaking and re-tweaking, spellchecking and printing it out, it has been posted off and the course is over. So, time for a breather, a little space to relax (ha!) and catch up on housework (ha!) and maybe even time to be creative in a different way than writing (yay!). At least until September time when I will have to begin another course :-)

Tomorrow is my Nana's 89th Birthday Party - which she is having at my house. So, I've been forced to dust and hoover up months of neglect and make a cake. This was a bit of a cake saga (aren't they always) in that it was supposed to be a fairly simple cake - one layer, bit of icing, nice decorations on top. But no, once my mind was free from OU thoughts, it went a bit crazy with thoughts of more exciting cake designs - which took twice as long as they should and involved 'mummy being cross'. Ahem. Anyway, I'd never tried a two tier cake before and always wanted to, so I did and it turned out okay (I was surprised). And the fondant roses (yes, they are supposed to be roses!) were something I learned this morning from a tutorial on YouTube - that place is amazing, they have tutorials on everything! There are plenty of mistakes on the cake - lumpy bits, uneven bits, even bits where the cake shows through the icing and the icing shows through the ribbon (oops), but I think my Nana will like it and that's what counts, right?

Happy Birthday Doreen!

Friday, 8 May 2009

Another Birthday

Can you believe Miss Lucy is now eleven? I can't. I've noticed a big change in her this last year or so and next year she will be off to High School after the summer.

She had a great party at home with a few of her friends and much laughter. I had to do a rush job on a cake for her too - this is a 'Twilight' themed cake (based on the books by Stephanie Meyer - which I thoroughly recommend). It was different than my original idea because I had a slight icing sugar 'incident' :-) Miss Lucy liked it anyway, so all was well.

She was not expecting to get an Ipod Shuffle and I think she was rather excited...

I don't know why she suddenly looks so grown up. Soon she won't want jelly and ice-cream or pass the parcel...sniff, sniff. Don't you wish sometimes you could just stop time?

I will have more of this sort of scene to look forward to I guess!

Blog Candy!

Look at the lovely things that arrived yesterday from Sally. I love all of it, but my favourite has to be the bird card - isn't it just gorgeous? Not only did I receive all these lovelies, there were also several rubber stamps in the package and some (much coveted) bits of swiss dotted card. I didn't take a pic of them because I just couldn't fit them in the photo! So, a big thank you to you, Sally :-)

Sunday, 3 May 2009

A Lovely Award!

I received this lovely award from Sally over at Crafty Salutations. It has just made my day - Thank You! Sally, you are very kind :-)

I also discovered that I have also won some gorgeous blog candy from Sally as well! How cool is that? I just can't wait to see it either because Sally is a very talented lady, which you will see if you have a look on her blog. I'm feeling all smiley and happy now ;-)

Now, I need to pass this on to ten other people, but I think I will just pass it on to all the blogs I follow (and you know who you are!) because you all make me smile every time I visit :-)))