Saturday, 31 March 2007

African Art at the Primary School

Had a lovely time at the children's school on Friday. They had an 'African Art' exhibition which was really fantastic - what a talented bunch. Unfortunately I didn't take nearly enough photographs - there was plenty inspiration too.

Here is my toothless tomboy pointing to a some African 'patterns' she painted.

And here another piece of art which was much better in the flesh than my photo skills could capture. It would look good as a quilt actually.

Some of the children had painted their own interpretations of this painting called 'Unity' by Monica Stewart. I wish I had taken photos of their work, it was lovely and the colours they had used were rich and wonderful.

Nothing much else to report I'm afraid. Today has been all ironing and housework- bleh! Still, it was a lovely day and I meant to do some work in the garden but all I managed was a trip to the garden centre to buy some new gardening gloves - they are rather nice actually, red suede! I didn't do any work when I got home though - the muse had left by then!!!!

Thursday, 29 March 2007

Rainy Weather in Scotland

After several dry and sunny Springlike days, we are back to the familiar rain! I must admit I like the rainy days, especially when I can cosy up in the house and get on with a bit of sewing or reading. Today however, is 'take granny to the shops' day, so we are off traipsing around in the wet - me, my sister, my mum and my lovely granny or 'Nana' as we call her. Not to worry though, there's always time for a cappuccino in M&S (how I long for a frapuccino in Starbucks but there are none in Dunfermline - ancient capital of Scotland for those who are interested in that sort of thing!). Better go and get my raincoat...

Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Previous Work

I've come to realise that my photos need some work, these pictures have come out pretty badly - not to self - 'must try harder'! Anyway, below are a load of fabric scraps I collected then layered onto painted vilene with a top layer of net and FME over the top - it looks better than the pic, honest! Think I might make into a bag eventually.

Again, not a great photo, but snippets of sheer fabrics, mainly organza, layered with water soluble film and blue net. Still some more layers for this one I think, haven't quite decided where to go with this.

And the little fabric picture I made my mum for Mother's Day - again MUCH cuter in real life. You can just see the top of my fabric box I made behind it (inspired by Janet Edmonds book). The box turned out really nicely by the way!

Trying Out the Embellisher

Finally got the embellisher out of the box! There was some felt and fibers included to make a mobile phone cover but I didn't want to do that so I had a little play instead. This is the 'right' side

And this is the 'wrong' side

Pictures are a bit dark I'm afraid, but the wrong side is much more muted and 'fuzzy' than the right side.

Then I used some man made felt and tried a few experiments just to see how things would look.

Some felted flowers.

Then I tried attaching some of the flowers and a butterfly to some other fabric - Hmm, looks better in real life!

At least I've had a little play. I'm sure the possibilites will be endless once I get more familiar with the machine and what it can do with different fabrics and papers.

Saturday, 24 March 2007

Made the Purchase!!!

Well, I can't believe it but I went back to the shop and bought the embellisher! I had saved up Christmas and Birthday money and now I have none left - but I do have a new toy to play with :) I'm too scared to take it out of the box yet. It comes with a little tutorial DVD which I will watch later. Because it was a 'special offer', I will also get another DVD with more tutorials and ideas I think and a copy of the new Embellish & Stitch book!! Not bad huh - I was pleased with those extras I can tell you! Excuse me while I go and have a lie down to recover.......

Friday, 23 March 2007

Thinking of making a purchase

I'm thinking of making a purchase! Yes, I've been saving my pennies and considering an embellisher - even went out today with intent to purchase! But then I couldn't decide whether to or not - most unlike me I have to say. I could be back to that shop tomorrow with my purse at the ready. Oh, and I still haven't done my essay - it's driving me mad and I have tried a hundred times to make a start and then got stuck - aaargh! Why oh why did I begin this course? If anyone wants to write me an essay on Caryl Churchill's play 'Top Girls' - feel free!!

Wednesday, 21 March 2007

The First Day of Spring!

How lovely - the first day of Spring at last! The birds are singing and the sun is out here in Scotland - although it is absolutely freezing! My day will most likely be spent trying to finish a literature essay for my OU course and doing some sewing when I try to avoid the essay! I hope you all have a lovely day. x

Sunday, 18 March 2007

Mother's Day Treats

This is what my lovely children brought me this morning - juice, bran flakes, toast and crispie cakes (home made of course), lovely handmade cards and some glorious daffodils! Aren't they the sweetest things!


I guess it's time to blog. I read so many blogs now and look at peoples art and textile work, and their daily musings - so now I must record some of my own - well, I wouldn't want to miss out on anything! So, when I can think of anything to say I will be back!!!!!!