Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Previous Work

I've come to realise that my photos need some work, these pictures have come out pretty badly - not to self - 'must try harder'! Anyway, below are a load of fabric scraps I collected then layered onto painted vilene with a top layer of net and FME over the top - it looks better than the pic, honest! Think I might make into a bag eventually.

Again, not a great photo, but snippets of sheer fabrics, mainly organza, layered with water soluble film and blue net. Still some more layers for this one I think, haven't quite decided where to go with this.

And the little fabric picture I made my mum for Mother's Day - again MUCH cuter in real life. You can just see the top of my fabric box I made behind it (inspired by Janet Edmonds book). The box turned out really nicely by the way!

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