Saturday, 31 March 2007

African Art at the Primary School

Had a lovely time at the children's school on Friday. They had an 'African Art' exhibition which was really fantastic - what a talented bunch. Unfortunately I didn't take nearly enough photographs - there was plenty inspiration too.

Here is my toothless tomboy pointing to a some African 'patterns' she painted.

And here another piece of art which was much better in the flesh than my photo skills could capture. It would look good as a quilt actually.

Some of the children had painted their own interpretations of this painting called 'Unity' by Monica Stewart. I wish I had taken photos of their work, it was lovely and the colours they had used were rich and wonderful.

Nothing much else to report I'm afraid. Today has been all ironing and housework- bleh! Still, it was a lovely day and I meant to do some work in the garden but all I managed was a trip to the garden centre to buy some new gardening gloves - they are rather nice actually, red suede! I didn't do any work when I got home though - the muse had left by then!!!!

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Angel Jem said...

Red suede gloves, heh? A touch of the Johnny Depps, I think!
The pictures look so good.. and don't children have a real feel for art. It makes me sad to think that because of time & money it gets pushed out of the school life.