Thursday, 29 March 2007

Rainy Weather in Scotland

After several dry and sunny Springlike days, we are back to the familiar rain! I must admit I like the rainy days, especially when I can cosy up in the house and get on with a bit of sewing or reading. Today however, is 'take granny to the shops' day, so we are off traipsing around in the wet - me, my sister, my mum and my lovely granny or 'Nana' as we call her. Not to worry though, there's always time for a cappuccino in M&S (how I long for a frapuccino in Starbucks but there are none in Dunfermline - ancient capital of Scotland for those who are interested in that sort of thing!). Better go and get my raincoat...


Angel Jem said...

And you think that Mr Starbucks wouldn't love to open up in Dunfermline? Don't worry, it's on his list for world domination ha ha ha ha (that's wicked laughter, by the way)
Please e-mail me with your details for the book mark swap and I'll let youknow final instructions asap. Thanks! Love, Jo.

Sarah said...

Mr Starbucks is indeed naughty not having an outlet up there!

The rain has spread to Liverpool to I'm afraid to say, its very grey and grizzly here. Lets hope it gets better for the weekend!