Thursday, 6 March 2008

Catch Up Time

Despite my best intentions to do so, I've not managed to keep up with my blogging yet again. Still playing catch up I'm afraid. Last night however, I bashed my foot on the bottom of the bed and ended up in A&E this morning. Thankfully nothing is broken, but I've been forced to rest up and do nothing much but watch telly and post on my blog - yay!

Nasty foot picture (I hate feet, and I suspect I'm not the only one, so it's rather evil of me to post this don't you think? mwahahahahahaha).

Moving hastily onwards... I'm still plodding on with the course and have just completed the third assignment (poetry - difficult but brilliant) and now I'm onto 'life writing'. Not long till June when I will be finished and can spend time doing all the things I want to do now but can't - like spend more time with the kids! Speaking of my little darlings, they gave me a very nice birthday last month and excelled themselves on Mother's Day as well - some most delicious gingerbread ladies were made and some sweet little cupcakes too. Aren't they lovely (the cupcakes and the children!)

And now, an unashamedly gratuitous picture of my new mug from Starbucks. I have a bit of a Starbucks mug obsession I'm afraid. This one is called 'Field of Dreams' for those who are er, interested in that sort of thing.

Now, just because I'm not doing anything creative in the household, doesn't mean there's nothing going on. On Valentines Day Miss Lucy whips out this hand made creation, complete with googly eyes and felt heart, that she has secretly made for the object of her affections (I'd better not say his name out loud, sshhh). How wonderful is that little teddy, and imagine her beavering away in her bedroom of an evening stitching him together with love - aahhhhhh...

Now that I've been virtuous and done some blogging, I'm off to get some studying done. How joyful - can't you tell that I'm a natural learner - so disciplined, so studious......