Tuesday, 3 April 2007

A Good Day Was Had by All

Today we decided on a day trip to see the Ospreys near Dunkeld (somewhat North of Perth). So I (note the lack of help implied by the 'I' here!) duly packed a picnic, spare clothes for the children (just in case), jackets and wellies and off we went. The sun was out and it almost (almost...) felt like Summer. I love these road signs - it always signifies 'heading North' to me, and sometimes you just have to head North - it's good for the soul.

Just had to take a photo of the lichen on this tree. There were hundreds like it and I managed to collect some bits that were lying on the ground to take home with me.

We arrived at the Loch of the Lowes to see if there were any Ospreys nesting... and there were!! We saw the male in the nest - he was doing a bit of nest building - very domesticated indeed. Here are some of the wildlife we brought with us!! Namely Lucy and Adam. Rather dangerous wildlife I might add - note Adam's 'strongman' pose!

After visiting the loch, the hides and the visitor centre, we headed back into Dunkeld town and had a stroll around by the medieval Cathedral and the River Tay. I was almost dizzy looking up into this lovely tall tree.

Isn't it just beautiful? There are lots of huge Larches and Pine trees all around the Cathedral and there are some lovely walks too. The River Tay was looking quite enchanting with the sunlight reflecting off it - Adam couldn't quite believe it - he kept saying 'it's sparkling' (I expect he was thinking of something magical from Lord of the Rings by this stage!).

This is the old bridge over which you enter Dunkeld.

Part of the Cathedral, looking up from the River Tay.

Doesn't this look like the perfect spot to sit and while away the hours with some quiet contemplation?

I was quite tempted to push the one on the right in at this moment!! (mwa ha ha). I say 'quite', I really meant 'very'!.

Just look at the shadows from the trees on the grass...

And here...

Well, after that lovely day out it was off home to make dinner for everyone. No sooner was that all done but my lovely sister appeared to show me how to do something creative with beads. What actually happened was that my daughter and my neice made earrings and phone charms, and my sister and I achieved very little! We did drool a lot over her bead collection though, and I do now know what some of the little findings I have are actually for! I have to say that I had a picture of us to put here but it was quite possibly one of the most unflattering ones of us I have ever seen.... and we can't have that now can we? But, all in all, a very good day was had by all...


Sarah said...

Dunkeld is beautiful isn't it! We stayed in a hostel not far from there in Feb. I hope that your bookmark making is going better than mine, I'm hoping to get some sewing done over the bank hols!

Have a great Easter!


Angel Jem said...

Beautiful! And sunshine, too!
Take some more photos fo the beads... I don't mind if you look like the loch ness monster!

Susan D said...

What a beautiful part of Scotland you live in. My nephew is into bird watching so would love to see the Ospreys.

Alis said...

Wonderful photography. It looks a beautiful place to visit.

Yes I would love to see your beads too.

Hugs, alis

Papoosue said...

I did try to photograph the earrings I made (simple though they were!) but I just couldn't get in focus - might try again later. I do still look a bit like the Loch Ness Monster but less grey now thanks to a session in the bathroom with the hair dye!!

Valerie said...

oh how I love these beautiful pictures ! make me think both of the US red tree forests and the cistercian abbeys I like ! anyway, just visiting for the first time and wanted to say hello from Brittany !