Sunday, 29 April 2007

Home Truths

I've been thinking that perhaps my blog shows a rather superficial view of me. Not that I am not the wonderfully funny, lovely person you see before you of course, but I thought it might be good (for me particularly - lol) to list a few thoughts/facts about myself - a few 'home truths' if you will - just to admit that I am (way) less than perfect.

1. I lack confidence
2. I am the queen of procrastination
3. I think political correctness has gone way too far
4. I struggle to keep depression at bay
5. People who are too nice and profess to see the good in everyone make me suspicious
6. I think I have a good sense of humour, if slightly wicked at times :)
7. I hate the way the world is headed
8. I love nature
9. I love my family to bits
10. Sometimes I believe I am a bad mother
11. I try not to care what people think of me
12. I am overweight
13. I don't always agree with people who say you should 'get it off your chest' or 'work through it', it will be 'cathartic'. Sometimes yes it's absolutely the thing to do but not always. I told this to a psychiatrist once. He left his job after seeing me. I don't think the two were connected - lol (don't worry, I wasn't there because 'the voices told me to do it' or anything!)
14. Maybe I do care what people think!
15. I love textiles in any shape or form and always always have
16. I don't trust the government or the media
17. I do still believe there is good in the world
18. I am an avid reader but a bad student
19. It's a cliche, but my children are my most successful works
20. Friends are really important - if I'd realised this sooner, I'd have tried to make more
21. I can wiggle my ears and roll my tongue

Blimey. I do sound quite a negative person don't I? I'm not really you know, what I should have put in that list is one thing I am passionate about, and that is I believe that there is always Hope. In any situation I am always a hopeful person and I always try and find a bright side.

Do I sound like a raving lunatic now I wonder?


Alison said...

No just human!!!
Take care
Alison x

Sarah said...

I agree, deffo human! If I had to write that list right now I would scare people so there you go!

Purple Missus said...

This list isn't about you at all - it's about ME!!! (All except number 21 - I can't do that) And there I was thinking I was unique. You have just made me feel soooo much better, thank you :)

Angel Jem said...

You sound like me, give or take a little. Except I am Pollyanna and can always see the good in anything (especially if it happens to other people..."Your granny just died? Oh waht a shame, still, at least you can give me her lovely blue and white china now, can't you?") Panic ye not, you're a friend just the way you are!

Dy said...

Not, not a lunatic at all, in fact I would have written almost the same list about myself! Unless we're both lunatics?.... :-)