Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Tooth Tales and Fun Projects

Today started out very nicely when I went shopping with my mum and sister. Bought some nice blue net, some cheap red velvet, offcuts of lace and ribbon, some beads, a nice Jasmine scented candle, some threads and a few other bits and bobs. When I got home I fancied a Granola bar (well, I missed lunch!), bit into it and my tooth split. Ended up having to get my mum to come along and take me to the dentist where he promptly extracted the tooth! Well, I say 'promptly' but in fact it was a real bu**er to get out and it took half an hour and there is still a bit left in (and it had an abcess on it, but I think that's enough information!). Still, I am glad that it's out because it would have had to be removed eventually and I would have kept putting it off. Angel Jem - you can be proud of me!! Oh yes, while I was in the dentists chair I managed to knock over the little rinsing cup full of mouthwash and laughed out loud when the hygienist knocked the dentist on the head with the overhead light!!

Enough of that. Yesterday I did a bit of sewing and made a couple of little fun projects. I wanted to make something out of the experimental 'bits' I made with the embellisher. This journal cover was made from commercial felt cut into strips and woven and then went over it all with the embellisher. Then I added some shapes and flowers made with the embellisher and some bits of fibres. I wasn't all that keen on it so I sewed lines of flower and leaf patterns with my sewing machine. Then I lined it, satin stitched the edges, made some cord for it (with some nice beads added to cords and large flower) and that was that. It is actually quite a nice colour combination but my photo has made it somewhat lurid. I tried to photograph it all ways, but it still came out like this - but at least you get the idea - it was fun!

I had similar problems with this photo. Same sort of idea with the woven felt but this has also red net over the top and some hand stitching of hearts on the orange bits and a nice felted flower. It is lined and has a little press stud to close. This is pretty bright in real life!


Waltraud said...

I´ve often the same problems with these colours.
Your little purses are very pretty.

Alis said...

Well I'd have laughed out loud if someone hit my torturer too!

Love your bookcover and bag - very funky.
Hugs, Alis

Angel Jem said...

I am in mourning for your tooth :(
All it did was take root in your mouth just to get evicted.
I think I'll start a campaign, "Justice for Sue's Teeth" and set up a campaign fund.
Then I'll go on holiday (The West Indies or Skegness? Come on, Ladies, you decide!)

Barbara said...

At the moment I like to photograph in my garden. the colours are bright and more intensive.But you did a good job with your embellisher !!

Angel Jem said...

I did forget to say... the work looks good. I like the second colour combination, especially & I like ho wth efelt weaving seems to bind together.

Angel Jem said...

In answer to the question on my blog about the yellow tree; I have no idea. If you read my profile you'll notice that I don't list horticulture as one of the many.... It belongs to a house down the road, so if you desperately needed to know, I could be cheeky & ask?

Emmy said...

I love you book cover and bag

Carol said...

Your story about your dentist visit made me both laugh and go OUCH!

I love your embellished book cover.