Thursday, 26 April 2007

Bookmark Swap and Textile Thursday

I think I can show you now what I have received from a bookmark swap I was in. Just look at the lovely bookmark I got from the very talented Alison. She only needed to send a bookmark but she also sent me a lovely book (spookily, it was one on my 'to read' list) and also the cutest little handmade Spring bird card. Thanks again Alison!

I also received an extra bookmark from the clever lady that is Wendy. Don't you just love the way she has combined these gorgeous black and white fabrics - I love it! Thanks again to you Wendy! I must just add that this was beautifully wrapped in pink tissue paper.

Today was my textile group day. It was a really good turnout this time - there were a whole seven of us! It was a good day and we had a good chat at lunchtime although we don't stop for long to chat - we need to get as much done as possible on that interruption free one day a month! Everyone was working on far more interesting things than me of course, but I had fun and mainly worked on this. I just couldn't get a decent photo showing the colours very well but here it is anyway.

It's basically lots of scraps of fabric on a hand dyed fabric background with a layer of tulle over the top and stitched and stitched in a circular motion - not a good photo as I say but I was pleased with the finished piece. I will have to do more work on it but I'm not sure what as yet.

Here is my good friend Maria concentrating hard on some work. She will kill me for posting this picture of her!

I also finished off this piece I had been working on. I will probably add a dark background to it at some stage.

I had an interesting trip to a new shop the other day to buy some wool (the merino tops kind, not the yarn kind!) but that is a topic for another day. Tomorrow I may or may not visit a bead shop I've never been to before over in Edinburgh. Watch this space!

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Angel Jem said...

Dinky! I love the textile group work, it must be really inspirational to get together & swap ideas, look at things, work together, etc. Have a good weekend & see you on Monday!