Thursday, 5 April 2007

My Arm Hurts!

My arm hurts! I decided to cut down three trees that have been annoying me for ages (asked other half to do the job - nuff said!). Of course, I couldn't find the proper saw so I had to make do with some other thing that took twice as long (and will probably get me into bother when said other half finds out I've used it!). Never mind I thought, this won't take me long - huh! It took me two hours to saw the trees - it's actually one tree with three trunks - and then I had to chop/saw all the branches into tiny bits to fit in the 'brown' bin which is our garden refuse bin. I eventually managed it - one brown bin filled with tree bits and three long 'trunks' which I shall have to dispose of somehow! Could make a wigwam I suppose - or should that be a teepee... Anyway, my arm hurts a lot and I suspect it will only get worse - I'm not used to such hard work! Still, off to visit the Library now where there are some Easter crafty type activities on for the children and where I will sit and try and get some studying done - deep joy - Henry V (heavy sarcasm here).


Susan D said...

My sympathies are with you, the top of my arm is aching after carrying a load of shopping yesterday. I only went for a few things and ended up with a bag full.

Carol said...

Oh! my DH and I did the same thing a week or two ago, you have my sympathy. Still the garden now looks bigger without those enormous trees - hope you are happy having removed your trees.