Friday, 27 April 2007

Another Bookmark, Bead Shop, Tidy Up Time

Today has been another busy day - and a good one! Firstly I received another gorgeous bookmark in the post from the lovely Gill and I love it. Red is one of my favourite colours, so I'm doubly thrilled. Thanks Gill!! (and I love the cute tag that came with it too).

As if that wasn't exciting enough, my brother in law took my sister and I to The Bead Shop in Edinburgh! It was really good and my sister made me buy one or two things (really, she did, twisted my arm behind my back and everything!). But, I was fairly restrained and at least four tubes of beads came from the bargain bin. I won't tell you what she bought (ker-ching!). Here is the side view of the shop with my lovely sister Judith and her other half - the man they call 'Robbo'.

And here is what I came home with. There were so many beads to choose from, all the colours and all the sizes you could wish for. Well, actually there were no size 15 beads which I was looking for so that's not strictly accurate is it? Nevertheless, it was pretty bloomin' good and the staff were very helpful too I might add. And what am I going to make with these goodies I hear you ask? Well, nothing at the moment. I have been good and put them away till after my studies are done, but when the time comes - watch out beads!!

So, you might think I had had enough excitement by now, but no! When I came home I tidied up my 'studio' - okay, my dining room. This is it looking really tidy, no kidding, before the tidy up it was absolutely covered in fabric, threads, the sewing machine and several other piles of necessary 'stuff'. You can actually see the table now. But again, it's all away till after the studies, unless there is a sewing emergency that is...


david mcmahon said...

Hello from Australia,

I think you have a great blog. You certainly capture the attention with your writing and, as a journalit with a design background, I think your sense of graphics works really well.

You'll be glad to know that the spanners certainly didn't rear their ugly heads when I visited your blog.

You have me really curious about this issue. Will reply to your comment on your blog.

By the way, you would do well to nominate your blog for Aussiejourno's Weekly Blog Awards, simply by leaving a comment with your url, on my blog.

Cheers and good lluck
David aka aussiejourno

Waltraud said...

Hi, you could be happy to find such nice stuff for sewing.

Angel Jem said...

An emergency, eh? And what counts as an emergency? A loose thread on a shirt.... a button off a cushion, or the heebie-jeebies at midnight when only a marathon session of crafting will settle you down?

(answer; all three!)