Sunday, 8 April 2007

Easter Egg Hunt and Jewellery

Happy Easter Sunday! This is the morning where mummy (being me) has to go out into the garden at some ungodly hour and 'check' to see whether the Easter Bunny has left anything (I must just point out here that my kids had never thought of the Easter Bunny until my sister mentioned it a few years ago - Judith, if you are reading this - grrrrrr!). Anyway, amazingly the bunny had been.... here...can you see the little eggs?

my goodness, that bunny must be quite tall...

All in all, the bunny left four little eggs each for my children to find - boy were they happy!!

And they did make some lovely Easter cards and things for me this year...

Now to the jewellery. This post is particularly for Angel Jem and Alis who wanted to see us making things (I'm still not posting the pic of me looking like the Loch Ness Monster!). These are the earrings I made when my sister was round this week, I finally managed to get a picture in focus - they are really simple but I just loved the colours of the beads.

Then I found some earrings I made a while ago - the colours aren't very good here due to my bad photography.

And here are some funky rings I made ages ago too. I made loads of different wrapped rings like this - they are good fun but of course I never remember to wear them!


Angel Jem said...

Love the kids, love their artwork (will yours stay up til well after Easter & then go into a small box crammed full of Christmas, Mother's Day and Birthday cards from the dawn of time, or at least the birth of kids?) and especially love the dingly dangly earrings... but please, why not the Loch Ness Monster??

carolyn said...

Just came over from Angel Jem's having seen your comment about the books. Having piles of books spilling all over the house I thought I should meet you!