Monday, 16 April 2007

Back to School & Bookmark Swap

It was back to school for my little ones this morning and back to studying for me. I have gotten so behind with my studies over the two week holiday that I need to do a lot of catching up! I did start off with good intentions this morning but I kept finding other 'important' things to do! I am close to the end of this year's course now with just one more essay to complete and then the exam at the beginning of June. I can't wait to finish, it hasn't been easy and I'm fed up with it - still, they do say it's worth it in the end don't they - ha! we will see. One of those 'important' things I did was to finish off and post my bookmarks I made for a bookmark swap, so at least I've achieved something today! I will post more about the swap when it is completed. Now I am going to be very virtuous and go and open the study books again!


Angel Jem said...

I will be watching you over the next few weeks... I want you to finish that course work!

Angel Jem said...

Can you tell I'm a teacher?

Waltraud said...

I had also my first days back in school, it´hard.
I´m looking forward to the information about your swap.