Friday, 17 October 2008

Catch Up

Since I haven't posted for a bit, here are some catch up photos.

Adam - 'potato mining'. I have to say he is a potato miner extrordinaire.

He's very thorough..

Meccano Master (or should that be Miss?). This was a tricky project.

A new apron from Ikea just begs to be used, don't you think?

Cranberry and white chocolate biscuits - yummmmmm.

And a big success for Lucy this month - she and her team came second at the Big Brain Book Quiz 2008. She was in a team of three from our local library and they were competing against 30+ other teams from Fife. They had a fantastic time and loved the whole experience. Their prizes included a voucher each for £25 to spend at Amazon. Yay! Well done Rosyth Library!

Miss Lucy is the best!! (no, not biased at all...)


tea and cake said...

Wow, well done to you all! Lovely to see you back. K xx

Anonymous said...

Well done Lucy. Did you get a good crop from your potatoes? Daughter in NZ has some planted and hoping to harvest for Christmas Day in the sun. Seems weird!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well done Lucy and her team. Love the potato miner, he's doing a good job too.

Sarah said...

Bless her!! brilliant! excellent mining too!

Carol said...

Huge congratulations to Lucy. I hope you had a good potatoe harvest, mine was small but tasty - the carrots were gorgeous too though small.

Sarah Nopp said...

I have never grown taters in a bucket... but I have admired those photos of yours. Do you just pop them in and keep adding dirt as they grow?

Angel Jem said...

Well done on all fronts! Especially on the reading. Some days I can barely get mine off the Nintendos to eat, let alone read.... (and then other days DP won't lift his head out of a book. Go figure!)

Sarah Nopp said...

The biscuits look tasty- I am on a baking kick lately, including some really spicy savory shortbreads :) Yum!