Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Sock Monkeys

Are the weirdest looking things aren't they? Anyway, I've secretly (ssshhhhh) been making a couple for Miss L and Mr A. They turned out a lot larger than I was expecting, I guess it depends on what socks you use or something ;-) I'm not sure how much I like them, but I think the children will so that's okay.

The black spotty is for Adam and the red with white hearts for Lucy.

Am I the only one who thinks they're scary?

Well, that's the last of the Christmas preparations I think - apart from making up some gift hampers I stupidly decided would be a good idea...

Have a good one! XXXX


campbellgirl said...

Awww, they're cute! Nice choice of socks too. A and L will love them.

You all have a good one too. Kelv and I will be going to Mum and Dad's place for the day. Chicken, ham, lamb, new potatoes, peas and trimmings for dinner, yum yum yum!

Your package arrived safely and is awaiting opening tomorrow. TOMORROW!!!! I'm still knitting a gift for Kelv, YAAAARGHHH!


Pauline said...

I love the monkey's!! Love the hearts on L's one. So cool! Thank you for the Christmas card it was a lovely surprise all the way from Scotland. Have a lovey day with your family xxx

Carol said...

They look gorgeous and I am sure the kids loved them.

Akk the best for 2009.

tea and cake said...

These Are Scary! What did the children think of them? I bet they loved 'em!
Thanks for your New Year's comment, and HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU!