Monday, 23 February 2009

It's Time for Cake!

Had to show you my awesome birthday cake made by Miss Lucy and Mr Adam - isn't it cool? They made it in the shape of a book and the TMA on the one side refers to my studies (stands for Tutor Marked Assignment) and the writing on the other side says 'Once upon a' - which refers to my writing progress! Cheeky monkeys. I am so chuffed with them, they did it all themselves and daddy only helped a wee bit at the end. Can't wait to taste it now, but I have to wait till they get back from school :-(

Wee devils!

They do like cake making - here is the cake they made us for Valentines Day - the little figures are meant to be me and the other half - awwwwww.
Apparently Mr Adam made himself very useful eating all the bits left over from shaping it into a heart!!


tea and cake said...

Happy Birthday, Susan! Is it today? Hope you have a lovely time, love, Karen xx

Papoosue said...

Yes, today! I am having a lovely time, thanks Karen (cake is delicious) :-)

campbellgirl said...

Happy birthday, darling girl!

Nice cakes; those kids are amazing! And what a useful skill that young man has, being able to clear up that way. LOL.

Love and hugs, D.

Alis said...

Fab cakes and fab kids.
What a lucky girl you are ;0)

Hope you enjoyed them.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, nice to see you posting again. The cake looks good too, well done kids!!!!!!

katelnorth said...

Well, you know, someone has to do the hard things, like eating the extra bits of cake... Happy Birthday!

Mary said...

A very happy birthday to you The cake looks fantastic