Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Busy Bee

I am a busy bee. This year I have two courses to do (well, actually I have three, but that is a long and boring story). I am doing A330 Myth in the Greek and Roman worlds and MU123 Discovering Maths. It's proving quite a challenge to fit all the work in and so far I'm a little behind with things. Not to worry, such are the challenges of life. I'm also applying for a postgraduate teacher training course (primary) to begin next September, so fingers crossed for that - I know it's a long shot, what with hundreds of applicants and only limited places.

Hmmm, what else? Oh, I'm working at Mr A's primary school one day a week, helping out in the classroom, which is brilliant - I'm absolutely loving it.

Miss Lucy is getting on well at high school and has changed overnight.... She is growing up so fast...

As for art, craft, anything creative - well, no time for anything really, although I did manage a little jewellery making at the end of the summer which was a great therapy for all that studying.

So, no time to blog either it seems. The intention is always there, just not the time at the moment...maybe one day :) For now I just need to get on and get through this coursework so I can finally have my degree...keeping my fingers crossed that nothing puts me off course.

Did someone mention Christmas?


Pauline Spinks said...

Hi there, long time no chat! Isn't it amazing how once your kids hit about 12/13 they just change! Spen has shot up and is taller than all of us! He has an attitude to match as well! One day they are your babies the next they are testy teenages with girlfriends!!!! Love ya xxx And DONT MENTION CHRISTMAS!!!!

Anonymous said...

Great to see you posting, the kids grow up so fast. Well done with your pass of exams.

Sarah Nopp said...

I completely feel the pain of no crafty... that Mythology course sounds like fun! Hoping you get to make things with your hands soon.