Saturday, 8 September 2007

A Clue (or Two)

After a few guesses at my middle name - which include; Mildred, Morag, Rumplestiltskin (!), and Tallulah (I wish) - I will give you clues -

1. It starts with an A

2. It's not Scottish

The photo below was the view from my window this morning at 6.30am. Looks like it's going to be a lovely day here.
We are off to Perth later this morning (Scotland, not Australia -lol) and Mum is coming too. We will have a nice mooch around the shops hopefully and then I'd like to visit Caithness Glass where they make gorgeous paperweights (and other things) and you can see them glass blowing. I have some of the paperweights and Adam was asking how they get all the shapes inside, so I'd like to take him and show him!

Better go and make up a picnic I think :)


Pauline said...

Hiya Susan "Abigail"? Susan "Allison"? Susan "Anita"? Susan "Agatha"? Oh this is fun!!! Can't wait to find out waht the name is!!! Congrats on the 100th blog as well young lady and may you have many more.

Mary said...

Could it be Audrey? Not good at guesing. Hope you have a great day out