Monday, 17 September 2007

Nice Surprise & Wet Weekend

I had a lovely surprise from Annica in Sweden this weekend - these beautiful ATCs - aren't they gorgeous? I'm afraid the background colour is not doing anything for them - they are really lovely in the flesh. Thank you so much Annica :)

Sunday must have been the wettest day for ages. We all squelched our way through the 'Naturally Fife' exhibition - a kind of combination horticultural and environmental show. This is only the second year it's been on and it's held in Dunfermline in Pittencrieff Park which is absolutely gorgeous. Everything was on in large marquees and we had a good time although we were really cold and wet by the end of it - the water seeped up through the bottom of my trousers - euch! There was a lot of information about environmental things - being greener in the home, recycling etc etc. There was a woman with a peg loom which was quite interesting - my other half assured me he could make me one (I expect he has forgotten already!) and the RSPB and the Woodland Trust were there too. There were activities for the children to do and mine got into the spirit of things..

Making a home for ladybirds to hibernate in for the winter from hollow sticks tied together (who knew ladybirds hibernated?)

Decorating a wooden necklace..

They also made nice fish from willow which they wove - Adam wanted to make a dragon but the lady said they only did fish! They wanted to make felted flowers too, but there was a bit of a queue for that and so I promised I'd do it with them at home (and you know they won't forget!).

There were some extremely large vegetables to behold! How white are those cauliflowers?! I just wanted to grab them all and make soup. :-)

There was quite a show of flowers too and a huge long table of bonsai trees.

It was a shame the day was so cold and wet because I'm sure it must have affected the attendance numbers. I hope they continue to do it every year. Oh, I nearly forgot - one of the best things was that I got two new plants for my garden - an echinacea and a heuchera - absolutely gorgeous, just have to figure out where to put them now...


Angel Jem said...

Looks good! I have to say, the sight of all those vegetables made me think longingly of a large pot of homemade soup, too. But I've had lunch, and it's bangers and mash tonight!

Jacqui said...

Well, you learn something new everyday, ladybirds hibernate, I didn't even know they lived longer than a few weeks, let alone a winter!

The veggies might have looked good but wonder if they actually taste any good. It like flowers that are forced grown, look gorgeous but never have any scent, such a disappointment.

Glad you had a wonderful day despite the weather, still in the 90's here.

Carol said...

Sounds like you had a great day Susan. Shame about the weather though.

Janet said...

Even if the weather was wet it sounds as if you still had a good time. Those veggies look great! If you make cauliflower soup can I come over for a bowl!!

cd&m said...

Looks like you had a good time despite the rain and the ladybird home has reminded me that my youngest wanted to make one of those, must get too it!

Sarah said...

looks like you had much fun!!! Fab veggies - ooooh Cauliflower cheese...mmmmmmm leek soup.... double mmmmmmm!!!!!

Papoosue said...

Isn't it funny how we are all fancying a bowl of hot soup now!