Friday, 9 November 2007


Hello! I'm still alive. I can't believe it's been so long since I posted, thanks for sticking with me :-) I've been so behind with my studying because of the October holidays, other family stuff and then I had a bit of a health scare where I had to have a mammogram and then wait a week for the results! Thankfully, everything was just fine. So, I have just managed to send off my fist assignment for my course (only a week late) and just need to catch up on my studies and my friends now.

If you can remember back to Halloween, my mum was having a party and we had a great time - dooking for apples, trying to grab doughnuts covered in syrup hanging from a string and bowlfuls of lovely homemade soup and stovies! Brilliant. Here is Miss Lucy in her bat outfit I made - you can just about see her little bat ears on top of her head.

And here she is again being scythed by Mr Adam (aka the Grim Reaper) in his costume - he is in there, honest!

Other momentous occasions lately have included Mr Adam losing his top two front teeth in the same day!

And here is my Christmas cake ready to be popped in the oven!

Other than that I have done absolutely nothing for ages. I'm going to try and catch up with everyone over the weekend and visit all the lovely blogs I've been missing. I've managed to get my connected wirelessly to t'internet now, so I can be really lazy and sit in my cosy bed and surf!!


Susan D said...

So glad the health scare came to nothing, must have been a worrying week for you. Hope Adam got a visit from the tooth fairy.

Mary said...

So glad you are cake looks good. It will be here before we know whats happening now

Jacqui said...

glad to hear the health scare came to nothing. People in the US are convinced Brits don't have easy access to mammograms so it good to hear that isn't true.

Only 6 wks to xmas so no doubt you will be even busier from now on.

Good luck with the classes

campbellgirl said...

Love those children, and their costumes! Great to have you back, safe and sound, my dear.
xoxox D

Lynette said...

Good to have you back and glad everything is fine. Great costumes too!!!

Sarah said...

Glad you are ok chick!!! Glad to see you back! Great Bat and reaper!

Sarah Nopp said...

It is nice to see you posting again :) I have been doing a lot of work, myself. SO nothing fun and crafty at all. I am trying to get back into my sewing room this weekend.
What is a Christmas cake?
I just made white chocolate- cranberry cookies. They are good! I made lots of them.

Dianne said...

Great to have you back!! Love the missing front teeth - it's always so sad when they grow back.

Lynette said...

Thanks for the comments on my page, it really boosts my morale when I realise there are people reading my drivel. Thanks again.

cd&m said...

Sorry about the health scare, you and yours must have been terribly worried but alls well that ends well. That cake is going to be delicious.