Monday, 7 April 2008

Busy Bees

The children are off school at the moment (this is the second week of the holidays) and we've been out and about a bit. Last week the weather was rather nice and even quite warm on a couple of days, so we took full advantage. Just as well, as today is bloomin' miserable - cold and wet, and it looks set to continue that way for most of the week.

So, we went for walks along the coastal path...

Visited Dunkeld (again)...

The River Tay was really fast and high. I was terrified someone was going to run too fast and fall in it!

The tall trees were as gorgeous as ever.

The wee hooses were as cute as ever.

We also visited the Loch of the Lowes to see the Ospreys (they had just arrived a couple of days before our visit) - fantastic! It was really sunny and pretty warm - see Pup's shadow? - so we had a picnic lunch outside.

There is a woodpecker in this picture, honest, but my new camera (which I HATE) doesn't take a good pic I'm afraid.

And a red squirrel here... (taken from behind glass)

Watching the Ospreys on their nest.

Miss Lucy tucking a leaf into Mr Adam's glasses. He is a bit of a Johnny Kingdom fan and wants a hat with feathers on it, but a leaf was the next best thing. We had a great time at the wildlife reserve and these two just love it!

If you are interested, you can watch the Ospreys live at I could watch them for hours. It's a great way to avoid studying ;-)

That trip to see the Ospreys had started out rather badly. That morning we discovered Miss Lucy's backpack was missing - in it was her inhaler and my camera. We had been bowling the day before and were pretty certain it had been left there. We phoned them and they didn't have it but I though we'd go and leave our details with the manager etc in case it turned up. Well, I did all that and then we headed North. About 10 miles up the road, the manager of the Bowlplex phoned - they had the bag after all - it had been locked away but no one had written it down as being found! So, back we went and got the bag - I was SO relieved to get the camera back (with all the children's pictures on it), that I promptly hugged the manager and burst into tears! Talk about embarrassed. (Incidentally, the manager was gorgeous, and he smelled nice, and he called me darling....sigh...) I'm not going to be able to set foot in that place undisguised for quite a while.
We were back at the wildlife reserve on Saturday with mum. She was pleased to get out into the wilds after her hip op 8 weeks ago - she was getting stir crazy for a while! We also went to Pitlochry (there was some nice bunting in a shop there Sarah - not as nice as yours, though) and Aberfeldy - nice day again, but very very cold.

Oh, yes - I've dug some trenches for my potatoes. Hurrah! But I haven't put them in yet (because Miss Lucy fell into a trench, then Mr Adam fell in smelly compost water, and I had to throw them into the bath, and then - it snowed).

I'm still plodding away on the OU course, least said about that the better I think. It's so hard to get things done when the children are off school and it's just so nice to spend time with them. Next week I had better get Really Busy. As for anything creative, I've done nothing at all for months and months. Maybe in the Summer hols, eh? ;-)


katelnorth said...

different holidays here - we are only in our first week - can't believe this is only the second day - how many more? If only the weather were slightly WARMER. Oh well... Ospreys sound fun, though.

Anonymous said...

I love that spot at the side of Dunkeld Cathedral with the tall trees. A favourite place for a picnic in the summer if we head north. I also remember going to see ospreys when I was a lot younger (40 so years ago) with my Mum & Dad wonder if it was the same place. Good to see you on here again!

Sarah Nopp said...

We might get a bit of that sunchine stuff here this weekend! I am about to dig up some of the lawn for more garden space tomorrow- wish me luck. At least I don't have small ones to fall in :) Just carzy dogs.
Nice pics

david mcmahon said...

Our kids just went back to school, Sue.

Despite your last paragraph, I think you're always creative ....

Graeme K Talboys said...

I'd say all that was pretty creative, myself.

And it made me think of my childhood outings on the Norfolk Broads and to the funfair at Great Yarmouth. Slightly different topography, but still magical.