Thursday, 24 April 2008

No Sewing Machine for Miss L

Well, no luck with a sewing machine for Miss Lucy. I think she will just have to use mine, supervised, until she is a little older and can get one of her own. She is pretty philosophical about it all though and not too dissapointed.

Some excellent news for her though - she passed her Grade 2 Ballet Exam with a Distinction! She was so pleased because she thought she had made some mistakes. Yes, I'm a proud mummy :-)

Not long now until the end of my course (thank goodness). I'm at the stage where I just want to be finished so I can relax a bit and get all those jobs done around the house - and have a holiday! We plan to rent a cottage for a week in the Oban area sometime in June, so fingers crossed for some good weather.


campbellgirl said...

Oh, never mind about the machine, Miss Lucy, I bet you can sew circles around your mum on her machine! Well done with the ballet, that's reaaly great! Love and hugs from Aunty Diane.

Holiday in Oban sounds blissful, wish I could join you. xxx

Sarah said...

lovely - can I come too!!!!

I can empathise with sewing machine troubles - I've managed to break two needles this week alone!!!!

tea and cake said...

we used to live in Oban, and the views are just stunning - especially sunrises and sunsets. I remember going to work in the morning at 6.30 am (driving to somewhere else) and feeling particularly happy that I was being Paid, while experiencing the sunrise. Great place for a holiday, hope you have fun. K xx

Sarah Nopp said...

Oh well, at least you are willing to share your machine. I am sure she will be creating quite nicely.
I completely understand the needing some down time thing... every spring is like that for me- I get used to my snoozy winters with days when I barely put sweat pants on.
I remember those days fondly.
But on the plus side, I think Spring is finally here at my home. And the requisite lawn mowing :S

Anonymous said...

Well Done Lucy!!!! Oban... Only been once and it was early closing day BAH. Very winding roads from here past Loch Lomond but the scenery is awesome.