Thursday, 23 July 2009

Twilight Mini Book

Miss Lucy is a big fan of the Twilight books so I thought I'd make a little keepsake for her. It was a lot of fun to do and she really loves it, so I'm pleased. I thought you might like to see it - but please excuse the photos, they are a bit fuzzy.

This page below was a little flowery for the genre really, but I couldn't resist that floral black red and white combination!

This page below is my favourite - it looks a lot better in real life, the colours are actually really nice together.

I must admit I do love to make mini-books and journals - there's something about all things compact that appeals to me. It's inspired me to get back to doing more in my art journal - I love working on that - I think it's the freedom to express yourself and create pages without restriction or boundaries. Where did I put that gesso...?


Sally H said...

Wow! This is stunning! I am not surprised Lucy loves it. Meg ahs been talking about starting a scrapbook, so I will have to show her. She is a huge fan too.

lisa said...

This is really great. Mini books are so good when you want to do something for one particular thing aren't they!. I love the colours on this one, they are really striking.


campbellgirl said...

Absolutely beautiful! You're a very talented lass, Susan.
Love and hugs, D.

PS I am ok. xxxoooxxx