Saturday, 31 July 2010

Ribbon Flowers

After watching a tutorial by Donna on YouTube on how she makes lovely ribbon roses, I just had to have a go. My first efforts (from left to right, below) were pretty poor to be honest and I did have a few issues with my glue gun - probably because I've had it for years and used it once!

However, I persevered and the final three were a bit better, although the white one was off centre and the black one covered in glue :) I think it's the kind of thing that needs perseverence and practice to get right - Donna certainly makes it look simple on her video, she is a very clever lady! I can't remember how to link to her video, but I will try and post it up here in case anyone would like to see it. (Excuse the quality of the pics here, but I took them at night and the light was horrible).

I thought that the roses would be nice on handmade mini albums as embellishments, maybe with beads attached? Anyway, I had fun making was good to be creating something :)

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Erika Jean said...

those look great! ;-)