Monday, 5 December 2011

Interview update and Christmas preparations

As I thought, I didn't get the job... the person who was already doing it got it. Good news is that I have another interview for the same sort of job at a different school, which is on Wednesday. I'm more nervous about this one. Not really sure why - perhaps because I sort of know what to expect and I think I've already had the relatively 'easy' questions. Some feedback I got from the last interview was to think of more examples of how I would deal with certain situations whilst 'in post' - so I need to think about that. Anyway, it will all be over soon enough.

On to Christmas preparations...I am almost done with my gift shopping, just a couple of small items to get and most things are wrapped too. Cards all written and waiting to be posted. Some (well, quite a lot actually) knitting/crochet to be finished/started. Something else to be made that I can't mention here. Cake still not marzipanned or iced (marzipanned? - not a word one uses a lot). Decorations are going up tomorrow - complete with some rather odd looking things you hang from the ceiling chosen by OH.

I am almost on day 5 of the 'Journal Your Christmas' scrapbooking/journalling project - at least I would be if I'd actually begun it yet. I will get caught up in the next couple of days :) I'm not stressing yet.

We had our first touch of snow this morning (lasting about 10 mins) - I know this because my lovely neice texted me to tell me this at 8am!!! Now I know snow can be exciting and magical and looks so pretty...BUT, I do not want any snow, no thanks, not now, not any time soon. Does that sound mean spirited? Okay then, there can be a nice downfall of snow on Christmas morning - just enough to allow a snowman or two to be built, a quick ride on a sledge, and then it has to gracefully melt away without causing any traffic problems at all. That's fair, right?

In other weather-related news, it's gotten a lot colder here. We shouldn't be surprised of course, but it's been so mild up until now that it has taken me a bit unawares. Time to dig out warmer clothes and hunt out those gloves and scarves!


Nancy J said...

You have those gloves already for the cold, and I do hope that the Xmas snow is really just that.The next interview will go well, you have had the trial run, look them in the eye, and tell them, "yes, if this or that happens this is what I'd do." The gloves, I have 2 pairs of fingerless ones, both merino, and if I get up early, 6 a.m. or before, wear them ( one pair at a time!!) when I check emails and do internet stuff. In the winter only.!! Both bought ones, I like your handknitted ones so much.Cheers from Jean.

Lynette said...

I keep coming over to see if you are still there and you surprise me every time. Sorry you didn;t have success with the last interview, but good luck with this one.

Sally H said...

Hope your interview was more successful this time. Sorry I haven't popped by in a while. Your Christmas preparations sound much further forward than mine. I am stressing because I don't break up till the end of the week. I was thinking that a nice fall of snow (whilst I am at home) and school closed would mean I could clear the Dining table so we can eat off it on Christmas day, and do some baking too!