Sunday, 5 August 2012

Knock, knock...

...anyone there? I'll be surprised if anyone reads my blog anymore as I've been missing in action for a good few months now. Time for an update methinks.

My biggest news is that I am going to begin the PGDE Primary course at Edinburgh Uni in a fortnight!! Yes, by this time next year I should be a newly qualified teacher. Can't quite believe it myself actually. I had the interview in January and was thrilled to get accepted - it seemed a long time away then, but now it is coming at me with a rush! I am a bit nervous but mainly very very excited and can't wait to get stuck trying not to think about the fact that most of the other students are at least half my age :( 

Still on academic matters, I finally had my OU graduation ceremony in Glasgow in April. It was a lovely ceremony and a fantastic day, only marred by me falling flat on my face as I left the hall! Luckily no one with a camera saw me.

On the home front - Mr A is about to enter primary 7, and Miss Lucy has chosen her subjects and is going into S3. I know it's a common lament by parents, but I really can't believe how fast they are growing and they will be off on their own adventures before I know it.

Well, although I'm sure I must have done something else blog-worthy (or not) since December 2011, I can't think of anything right now ;-) My recent weeks have been spent trying to decipher the pre-course work the uni gave us and trying to tidy the house that somehow was neglected during all the OU years - and is about to be again!

If there is anyone still willing to read this, I will attempt to keep it reasonably up to date. I miss my blog friends xx


Sally H said...

Welcome back and good luck with the PGDE. I am entering my 24th year of primary teaching in September, and yes, I feel very old most days! I can guarantee that you will never be bored though. Every day is different, and there is nothing better than knowing you have made a difference x

Papoosue said...

Thank you Sally :) I sometimes think I am a bit mature to be starting teaching now, but I can't wait to get going. I totally agree with what you say about making a difference - that sums it all up really. xxx

tea and cake said...

Hiya, Good to see you back here, and about time, too! Ah yes, I ought to get writing on mine, as well. Seriously though, good luck with your next study adventures - I'm sure you'll be great! xx