Sunday, 26 August 2012

First week at Uni!

This is just a quick-ish post for those pals who are wondering how I got on with my first week at University. No, I didn't get a lot of sleep the night before. I was too busy worrying that my alarm wouldn't go off at 5.45am (!!). Anyway, my alarm did go off and I made it to the bus stop and all the way into Edinburgh and down the High Street to the University. The first day was overwhelming. I was prepared for that, but had no idea just how overwhelming it would be. I really did wonder if I had done the right thing. There was so much to take in and remember, not to mention trying to do those important things like find out where the loos were! Tuesday was much the same - more information and trying to remember what to do and when. I have to say though, all the teachers were absolutely wonderful and so so encouraging and supportive.  By Wednesday I had made some friends - both young and old and was enjoying sharing ideas and emotions. We were all pretty tired by then to be honest and I don't mind admitting I just wanted to go home and cry. I was really missing not being there for the kids in the mornings and after school - I think that was the worst bit.

However, I'm not my mother's daughter for nothing, and I didn't cry but carried on and got through to Thursday. I was a bit nervous for the morning as I had to teach 3 of my fellow students 'something' in five minutes. I decided on 'last minute iced biscuits' (you know the kind of thing - two biccies sandwiched together with jam and decorated with icing and sprinkles). Well, we had the best fun of the whole week, it was an absolute success and everyone else's lessons were amazing - I learned how to introduce myself in Irish, communicate under the water, and re-pot a plant. That was the turning point for a lot of us I think - we started to gel in some small way, and began to see what the course was really all about. Friday we had to do a group presentation in front of the whole class (about 30 people) and that was really nerve-wracking. Ours was on expressive arts, and my area was art and design (woohoo). My small group went first and we did really well and got good feedback from the rest of the class. The most surprising thing for me was that I not only managed to talk without babbling or mumbling, but I actually enjoyed the experience too. Amazing.

So, that was the week in a nutshell really. The amount of reading and work we have each and every night is huge and is only going to increase, and that is really difficult, especially if you have a family as I do. However, I can see that it will be worth it in the end, at least I hope so. I think I'm going to enjoy the course if I can keep awake in classes - there is some fascinating material to work with and all my placements to look forward to as well, and if I keep organised and on top of things, it will be great.

Roll on the Christmas holidays!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, just dropped by as I do occasionally, and see that you have been busy. Well done and the year will go in in no-time. x