Saturday, 20 October 2012

Just a quickie!

No, not me and Ken Stott (if only)! Just a quick post to update you on my PGDE progress. Well, that's me finished the first course of four. I'm a quarter way through my course, 9 weeks of bloody hard work have passed and there are another 18 to go!! I've handed in my first essay (twas' hellish) and had my two week nursery placement (no comment) and now I'm about to embark on my lower primary 5 week placement. My class is a primary 3 one and I've had a meeting with the teacher who seems really nice - and very supportive as she has also done the PGDE at Edinburgh - so she knows what it's like! I also only have a 10 minute walk to my school which will save me a fortune on fares. I feel there may be the possibility of a 'Christmas present to self'.

I am trying to get myself organised this weekend. There is an amazing amount of things I have to do on an hourly/daily/weekly basis - not to mention all the other bits and bobs over and above. I'm thinking I should start with a really big piece of paper! On that note, I shall be off, as I need to finish a lesson plan for a little maths activity I need to teach.

Hark at me - 'teacher talk' and everything!

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tea and cake said...

Woo, hoo! Sounds like it is going really well. Good luck with the essay mark xx