Sunday, 19 August 2012

Filofaxy and University

Did I mention I had a Filofax? I've had one for quite a few years actually - just a little pocket sized one that I keep in my handbag most of the time. Well, somehow I suddenly have three. I have the original pocket sized one - a Domino, in a grape colour, a pocket sized mustard coloured Finchley which a lovely lady gifted to me, and a larger personal sized Domino in a lavender colour. The lavender one is to use for Uni and largely replaces my purse while I'm there too. I love my filofaxes. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for technology - in fact I love it, but you can't go wrong with some paper, a pen, and a lovely filo to keep all your scribblings and notes in. It helps keep me organised - and I'm going to need a lot of organisation to juggle Uni and home life!

Here are my Filofaxes

It's a shame the pics are a little dull, but the lavender and grape colours are much nicer in the flesh. 

Inside my Uni filo, you can see I am well organised in terms of paper clips! In there is the calendar bookmark Miss Lucy gave me and behind that a postcard I bought on holiday..

I printed out my first weeks' timetable and folded it to fit in, so I can never get lost (hopefully), as I have a shocking memory...

My plain brown notepaper - love it - and another of my bought postcards. Just behind you can see the top of my fold-out of the periodic table - well, you never know when that might come in handy!

 Not to mention a list of chords for my ukulele!

I hope you've enjoyed a wee tour of my organiser. I have a diary section in it which I can write in all my assignments etc and a big 'To Do' list at the front for other things.

I can't believe I will be starting at University tomorrow morning - it's been such a long time in coming around that I feel I'm not quite ready for it now it is finally here. I'm sure it will be fun though, and challenging to say the least, not least of all because I will be one of the few older students on the course - the majority are at least half my age! Hopefully, my many decades (!) of life experience will be an advantage in some areas. Surely all those birthdays must have been useful for something lol.

Well, wish me luck on my adventure towards becoming a teacher, and I'll let you know how I get on :) 


tea and cake said...

O my word! That has come around very quickly indeed! I went to uni, when my children were in their late teens, and as this is a time when all hell breaks loose, it will be a trial for you. But, this is now Your Time, and you are going to so enjoy it!
I hope you are getting some sleep, instead of laying awake and over-excited, and anyway, best of luck for tomorrow, I look forward to hearing all about it - here and on fuzzbook.
lots of love,
Karen xx

Susan D said...

Best of luck on your new journey. I look forward to following how you get on.

I'm doing my Textiles degree by Distance learning so I was thinking of getting a Filofax, for notes etc by the time I turn my computer on I've forgotten what I want to write in my learning log.

Angel Jem said...

Best of luck! How's the first week gone?