Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Jean Sinclair

Today was the funeral of my MIL, Jean Sinclair. The minister gave a lovely service and I was amazed at how many people were there. It was a bittersweet experience in many ways as these occasions often are - it was lovely to hear the things the minister said about Jean's early life in the countryside and also nice to meet so many of her family that I have written thank you letters to at Christmas time but never met until today. So sad also that her last years were so difficult for her with her increasingly poor health - but thankfully she is now at peace.

On a slightly lighter note - during today's service at the crematorium, I tried desperately to find something to focus on to stop me from bubbling like an idiot - I will try anything - flowers, curtains, the view from the long windows - none of it was having the desired effect. Then, the minister said something about 'let not your arms hang down' and that song popped into my head - the one that goes '...do your ears hang low, can you tie them in a knot, can you tie them in a bow?' etc etc. I sang it in my head over and over again - bizarre I know, but at least it worked for a while!


Dianne said...

Such a sad day!!
I know the song you are talking about, and even reading the words put the song in my mind and made me smile... Just keep singing the song until the pain passes.

Lynette said...

That story made me think of the time we were burying Mum's ashes and on the way home all quite solemn and glum I turned on the radio and it was Wee Andy Webber singing 'Jesus Christ Superstar', first time I had heard it and we just laughed and laughed as it would have tickled my Mum too.

It's sad to say farewell but look to the future with your family and time will heal.

Susan D said...

I know it's a cliche but time does heal, eventually. Try to remember the good times you had with your MIL and as you say she is at peace and not suffering now.

Alis said...

Funerals are bitter sweet aren't they. One of the times that all members of the family are together. Very sad but so lovely to look back at a life that you all share.
Hugs, Alis

Sarah said...

I'm glad it went as well as these things can. Distraction is a great techique... I was once at the crematorium and the final "Hymn" was simply the best - tina turner... the congregations shoulders were moving in time to the music, just like the scene from Monty python when they are in the post office queue...

Take care, lots of love to all