Monday, 2 July 2007

Muddy Pups

The children and I had a nice weekend together. We watched DVDs, tidied bedrooms and walked around in the rain a lot! I even let them eat sweets - they couldn't believe their luck. Yesterday afternoon, they wanted to go into the garden for 5 minutes before dinner and I let them - ha! there was my mistake - two minutes after they had gone out they were covered in mud - really covered. 'We were just having fun mum' was their defence! I made them stand on the back steps while I peeled the mud ridden clothes from their grimy little bodies. I wish I had taken a photo of them but I was too cross at the time! (where is my sense of humour I hear you ask). It was rather funny though. The little darlings.

So, now my angels are back at school and quite happy in the knowledge that as of Thursday at 12.15pm they will be free! Free to play in the garden all day and get as muddy as they like all summer long.

Nothing happening craft wise. Still fighting the miseries a bit. I thought I had decided on my OU course but I haven't yet - must choose course, must choose course (in my best Capt. Kirk voice). Honestly, I'm Mrs Pathetic of Pathetic Street in Pathetic Town in Pathetic World!!! I'm cross with myself - can you tell? :)


Janet said...

I remember those days of muddy kids and fun-filled summers but now mine are all grown and have almost-grown kids of their own!

I'm sure you'll make a decision soon and it will be the right one. I don't think you're Mrs. Pathetic!

Angel Jem said...


Mary said...

You have to say must cheer up must cheer up and while you do that could you have a word in Gods ear about the weather Thanks

david mcmahon said...

Hi Papoosue,

No child is happier than a muddy child. Been there, done that!



Carol said...

I bet the kids had the time of their lives. You can't stay cross with them for long can you?

My muse has gone on holiday so I am going to clean out the studio, cleaned the house from top to bottom, and I signed up for a class at Joggles starting on 11th July.

You will make the right decision on your QU course.

Alison said...

Sounds strangly familier:-)
Alison x