Saturday, 5 July 2008


We had a lovely weeks holiday at Benderloch last month (about 9 miles north of Oban on the West coast of Scotland). It was so lovely I can honestly say that it's the first holiday I haven't wanted to come home from - usually I'm ready to head home by day three!

We stayed in a lovely cottage - the four of us and my mum.

Right opposite the cottage were several ducks, geese and cockerels which made themselves heard at all times of the day.

Most mornings Lucy and I went for a walk down a leafy lane. It was lovely - foxgloves, irises, wonderful lichen laden trees, fields and mountains in the distance.

One morning we had company; a little cat that Lucy christened Kit and it followed us all the way on our walk and all the way back but we never saw him on any other morning. We did see a fox and a deer on our walks though.

By the way, that lovely jumper that Miss Lucy is wearing was knitted by my mum - she stayed up late the night before we left on holiday so she'd be able to take it with her! Just as a matter of interest, the jumper was knitted with wool I must have bought about 20 plus years ago and kept 'just in case' and then eventually passed it on to mum - see, I knew it would come in handy eventually!

One day we took the ferry from Oban (Oban harbour below) to the island of Mull.

Ferry heading out to Mull.

Just look at those clouds over Duart Castle (on Mull). It was pretty wild weather-wise that day!

Adam and his dad took a look around Dunstaffnage Castle on another day trip. Adam was happy - there were swords for sale!

One of the best days was when we went up Ben Nevis by gondola. I don't mind telling you I was somewhat terrified but was trying not to let the kids know :-) I was very relieved when we got to the top.

It seemed rather surreal that there was a restaurant at the top, but we took full advantage of it's facilities and then climbed another summit (sorry, can't remember it's name) which had amazing views up to about 30 miles away.

Mr Adam got a new friend at the gift shop (a gift shop up a mountain? bizarre) - a furry highland cow which he named Hamish. That coo' has been everywhere with him since - even to school where he behaved rather badly and bit a small boy. Tut tut...

Heading back down in the gondolas wasn't nearly so bad as going up! There was a track for mountain bikers which you can just see in the left of this photo and we watched them zooming ahead of us as we went down.

On the last morning Dave and the children went horse riding. They were riding for about an hour and they had perfect sunshine - as soon as they got off those horses it poured!

They rode through woods, along an old track and on the beach in front of Castle Stalker which you can see in this photo. They would have been riding along directly below the trees you can see in the foreground. What a setting eh?

There was a fantastic beach about 3 minutes walk from our cottage too and for some reason I never did take a picture of it. It was truly amazing - it swept round in a curve and at one end it was quite sandy but by the time you had walked to the other end it consisted of those lovely rounded stones that make such a lovely sound in the waves. The view from the beach was stunning too. It was called Tralee beach I think and it was in Ardmucknish Bay.

I loved absolutely everything about the holiday, it was relaxing and that's just what we all needed. I would love to go back again and maybe take a bike and do a bit of cycling around those leafy lanes and also explore some of the walks that were around. Aaaaaahhh... bliss...

Now the children have just broken up for the summer holidays and we've already had our holiday :-( Still, apparently we will be going camping sometime - joy...


Guzzisue said...

is has just made me realise how long it is since we were north of the border for any length of time, rented a log cabin just outside Fort Augustus one year, great base for touring round

Anonymous said...

How lovely Susan that you had such a great time with the family and your Mum. Oban is lovely but sad to say that the one time we took a road trip up there (around Loch Lomond) is was half day closing and everywhere was shut. Still we had a glorious trip and the scenery is something else.

Our holiday is not until November and hearing everyone talking about theirs is making me wish it would come quicker.

Carol said...

It sounds as though you had the time of your life Susan. I am so glad you all enjoyed yourselves.

Sarah said...

looks like you had a brilliant time!!!! I wish I'd just broken up from School too! Sophers is off to Uganda next week as well so I'm proper jealous!