Sunday, 13 July 2008

Use Yer Loaf!

I am now the proud owner of one of these little beauties, thanks to the generosity of my mum (thanks, mum). It's a fantastic all singing, all dancing bread machine. I got it last week and so far I've tried several different types of bread including, wholemeal, white, sundried tomato & parmesan and spicy fruit loaf. They have all been delicious! My goal is to never buy supermarket bread again (thereby saving a fortune - even taking into account the cost of flour and electricity) and I think it will work out fine. My only problem is going to be cutting the bread thin enough for sandwiches!

On the same day I got my bread machine, I got a surprise parcel of goodies from my lovely pal, Diane (she of The Sound of One Hand Knitting). Aren't they gorgeous? The corsage brooch is really soft and fluffy - yummm. Thanks, Diane xx


Anonymous said...

My what a lovely surprise, thanks for the comments and my son-in-law was raised in Palmerston North where your friend comes from. Coincidences are marvelous!!!!!!!

Carol said...

Wonderful! You will just love your bread maker, as you are finding out. I have had mine for a while and started off with good intentions then fell by the way side. However I am back baking bread and loving it.

I bought a fab book (Borders £3.00) called Bread Machine by Jennie Shapter (it was on sale). It has fabulous recipes and LOTS of them. I haven't had any failures yet! I even made donuts - the kids will love them. (Sorry I should have emailed you all this).

jacqui said...

I have a bread maker but its never as good as I remember it to be. Think it might the American flour which is different from British flour, which in turn is different from European flour. They add a lot of sugar to American recipes.

I have a flurry of activity every so often then it sits on the counter, begging me to use it. At the moment its under the counter so I don't even think about it. lol

Sarah said...

Jealous now - I DEMAND you make me some fruit bread!!!!