Sunday, 13 July 2008

Two posts in one day????

Some pics of a street fair we inadvertantly came upon in the lovely village of Falkland at the end of June. This was mainly due to a certain someone (okay, it was me) thinking that the Big Tent Festival was on that weekend when in fact it wasn't until 26/27 July! It was a happy mistake though, as the street fair was good fun and had a rather lively jazz band too.

Falkland is very picturesque and still looked nice even when the rain came down.

Falkland Palace - very old, very lovely with beautiful grounds and gardens to stroll through on a summers day (if we ever get one).

There was also a small pipe band.

Miss Lucy and Mr Adam spent a lot of time trying to win various prizes by throwing toilet rolls (clean ones, I might add) into toilets (also clean), hitting things with hammers to ring bells, and hooking little ducks.

And rolling down the hill in the churchyard!

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Carol said...

Falkland Castle - we had a lovely day there a while back. It sounds as though you had a lovely day. Love the merino wool, lucky you.