Thursday, 16 August 2007

All the Fun of the Fair

As it is almost the end of the school holidays now, and as I had promised the children ages ago that I would take them to Burntisland to the 'shows' - we went this evening! This is the last week of the shows so a lot of things like dodgems etc weren't there - it was mainly smaller rides for the younger kids and those stalls where you can 'hook a duck' and win a prize.

Lucy was really keen to go on this caterpillar rollercoaster and managed to persuade her brother to accompany her. Here they are waiting for it to start - all was well at this point and as the caterpillar started to roll forward - about a minute later as things sped up a little poor Adam started screaming and was not a happy bunny! It was way too fast for him and he had to endure another round before he could get off. I felt so sorry for him, he was sobbing and wanted to go home. He soon got over it but made me promise not to tell his friends - bless him.

This was more like it! Adam was having much more fun on these motorbikes, crashing into the barrier every two minutes.

These 'orbiters' were fun too, they spun round as well as going backwards and forwards.

Miss L and Mister A also had a couple of shots of hook the duck and were thrilled with their prizes. Adam got a spy kit and a ninja sword and Miss Lucy's spoils were a bow and arrow set (she was so thrilled!) and a ball and bat combo. To finish off they got one of those teeth rotting sugar dummies each and were happily busy with them on the way home in the car! The dummies will probably last longer than the prizes.


Mary said...

Love your crafty bits and riding on the fairground Oh I hate rides feel sick just thinking about them. Sarah and I went to quilt fair yesterday needed very sharp elbows!! Sarah will blog later today.

Susan D said...

I can sympathise with Adam I don't like rides like that either. How great that Lucy and Adam where so thrilled with the simple prizes they won.

Jacqui said...

You might not tell his friends but think of all the years in the future you will be able to tease him with this story,lol. Cruel I know but one of the perks of being a a parent.

My youngest hated rollercoasters at first but now you can stop her once she is there!

Alis said...

Yes, it surely is in a parents job description to bring things like that up at the most embarrassing moments.

I know it to be true as my dad is a past master at it ;0)

It appears however, to be in a child's job description too.
My daughter is better at it than her grandfather.
Or maybe I just do very stupid things...... hmmm