Sunday, 5 August 2007

Fab Friends and Field Trips

I've been meaning to post a photo of the lovely things that Alison sent me to cheer me up recently - aren't they lovely and isn't she very very kind and thoughtful?

On Friday we went for a nice drive to Newburgh where I visited the lovely Twist Fibre Craft Studio which has lovely things (and a website) and I forced myself to buy a few bits and bobs that I didn't really need - lovely! We then travelled on to Cairnie Fruit Farm near Cupar to pick some fruit - we picked some rasps to freeze for Christmas as I like to put them in my trifle - yum! Miss Lucy picked a few strawberries and we also bought 3lbs of blackcurrants for mum to make jam from. I used to make jam every year but I haven't for the last two because I just don't seem to have enough time somehow. I must get more organised for next year. After leaving Cairnie Fruit Farm we headed into Cupar itself to investigate the toy shop there. There aren't many places you can find an independant toy shop these days and Cupar has one of the few remaining. Mr Adam had some money from his Grandpa and was in desperate need of a skateboard. Luckily for the would be skate dude, there was indeed a skateboard available, complete with skull motif on the underside (very important apparently) so Mr A went home a very happy boy!

Here is Mr Cool himself - sporting skull sweatshirt to match skateboard, Action Man helmet, his dads woolly gloves and one Barbie elbow pad!!

Yesterday (Saturday) was glorious weather wise and I felt the need to visit the Bead Shop in Edinburgh again which was fun, we then had a wander around the streets of Stockbridge and investigated several charity shops and bookshops - a very pleasant time was had.

Later in the afternoon Miss L and Mr A had a Sale of Goods in the garden to raise funds for the 'Spy Gang' (don't ask - suffice to say I am in the Spy Club - sorry, can't say too much - hush hush y'know). They sold juice, water, notebooks, badges, crispy cakes and apple quarters. They managed to make £1.25 each!

After the fantastic weather yesterday when I almost believed summer had come, today was a total washout. We had planned some forest walks but it was just too wet. Undaunted however we set off in this...

We drove to Falkland in the hope that the weather might be a little better there - nope, not a chance. Falkland is a gorgeous little place, home to Falkland Palace and numerous old and quaint houses, little cobbled streets and a rather nice National Trust shop. I would have taken more photos but I feared for my camera in the rain (which just became heavier and relentless).
So, we did the only thing we could, took refuge here...

where some of us had this...

and others chose this...

I did manage a scone myself of course - well one must keep up appearances don't you think?


Gill at Lucy Locket said...

What a lovely weekend you've had, you do some fun things with your family and it's nice to hear about them. I guess it's Top Secret, but who were the customers at the Sale of Goods? It wouldn't have been you would it?!
I really want to go fruit picking this week, I might try and get out early from work one day, I love raspberries too.

see-saw said...

Hi, woke up too early this morning 5.45 could`nt go back to sleep so I checked my email and thought I`d read a blog or two. What a lovely family you have, make the most of every day. My grandchildren are too grown up to do all of these exciting activities now but I used to love to help them with their sales, toys that they no longer needed ect. I do have a great grandson 18 months old and he is just wonderful, perhaps I will be able to help him too.

Alison said...

What a great weekend!
I've nominated you for the Nice Matters Award - take a look at my blog for details.

Take care,
Alison x