Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Naughty but Nice

I got a lovely parcel today from Mavis at Textile Artist. She has been very naughty sending me something so lovely - but I forgive her!! Just look at this lovely envelope - love the button too!

And inside was this lovely embroidered cloth and special little hand decorated box. Everything smelled lovely too! Thank you so much Mavis, you are very kind.

We finally had a day of Summer weather today - typical! Just when the children have gone back to school. Still, we made the most of it after dinner and went for a short coastal walk which was lovely. I think we are to get good weather for the rest of the week too - fingers crossed.


Alis said...

What a lovely pressie.

We have a bit of summer too - will it last though? But it is out in the garden with me now ;0)

Carol said...

Wow! what a fabulous gift.

I was just thinking yesterday as I was enjoying the sun that it's just like the thing for the weather to improve as soon as the kids have gone back to school.

Enjoy the good weather while it lasts. I think we may have another BBQ this evening.

Mary said...

Like you present. Enjoy the weather while it lasts.

Helena said...

Our week (East Anglia) was still wet- drizzle and grey and cold. But TODAY it is all sunshine and blue sky....

so what do we do???

My other half went to football and I did the washing.