Thursday, 24 May 2007

Garden Visitor & Bunting

I have not been doing much blogging of any interest lately as I've been revising for my exam in June - well, trying to revise anyway. I am the worst at procrastinating - maybe I should take an exam in that, I'd pass with flying colours. My stress levels are through the roof so I'm trying out 'Kalms' tablets to see if they help any. Valium would obviously be better but I don't have any of that! I can't wait for that exam to be over, then I can start being a proper mummy again and stop neglecting my children so much :( Here are a couple of photos for you;

We had this little visitor in garden at the weekend much to the delight of the children, who took this picture. I just love the colours!

Here is a rather poor photo of some rather gorgeous bunting I got from the lovely Sarah. She had a little competition and I was the lucky winner. Anyway, it's just lovely and I've got it hung up in my dining/craft room. Thank you Sarah!!!!


wendy said...

Oh don't work too hard and lots of luck for that exam.

Briony-1994 said...

Dear auntie susan (A.K.A goth mother)
its briony here (tree / freak)
You take pictures of the most random things!! hehe luv the page anywayz!!

Cya !x!

campbellgirl said...

I haven't seen a red ladybug for ages, the metallic blue ones seem to have taken over here. They're pretty but not a patch on the red ones.

Alis said...

Love the little friend. They are very helpful.
Great bunting.

Fingers and everything else crossed for the exam.