Saturday, 19 May 2007

Happy Birthday Nana!

It's absolutely horrid outside here today - wind, rain, and big grey clouds. It's my gran's 87th Birthday today - Happy Birthday Nana!! We are having a little party for her at my mums this afternoon, so I've been up early baking a cake and while it was in the oven I took the opportunity to finish Lucy's new gym bag that I started yesterday (all fabrics hand dyed!). It's not too bad but there are mistakes everywhere - not huge mistakes, but the kind that annoy you cos' you know you 'could do better'. You know that kind of day where nothing is going 'right'? Well, that was my day yesterday. My hands weren't working, my foot was too heavy on the foot pedal and so on... Never mind though, Miss L loves it and that's all that matters.


Susan D said...

I'm sure Lucy hasn't noticed any mistakes, but it's always the way you know they are there so you think everyone else can see them don't you. I've not had a Nan since I was 6 so can I borrow yours for the day and wish your Nana a Happy Birthday and hope you all have a great party.

Alis said...

Miss L should love it, it is great. And wonderful to see it close up - I couldn't spot mistakes.


Hugs, A

NuvoFelt said...

No mistakes, only individua;ities! Thanks for leaving a comment on the blog, you are now in the competition.

Carol said...

No mistakes just design decisions! I am sure Lucy loved the bag it's gorgeous. Wish your Nana a belated happy birthday, seeing mention your Nana brought back memories of both my Nanas - long gone now!

It's beautiful day today, enjoy it!

Waltraud said...

Sometimes mistakes can be funny,
happy birthday to Nana and to the Lady,
have a nice week