Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Panic Over, Ponderings, & Patchwork

Thank goodness! I've finally finished my essay for the OU. Finished, popped in an envelope and dashed to the Post Office in the nick of time before it shut. That was definitely the closest one to the deadline I've done yet. And, thankfully, the last essay of 7. Just the exam revision to do now. Phew, nearly there.
It's been a strange week. Had to attend a funeral yesterday and it was lovely. The minister summed the person up perfectly, the service uplifting and the day was gorgeous. At the Hotel afterwards, the soup was pretty nice too! It was so perfect, a fitting tribute indeed. The thing about funerals (apart from the bagpipes playing which always makes me cry) is that they make you think of your lost loved ones, the fragility of life and so on. It kind of throws you off centre for a day or two I think and hopefully makes you appreciate your family and friends all the more. Well, I certainly appreciate mine, I wouldn't get through life without them.
I had to search through lots of old photos tonight to find one of a quilt my daughter made when she was 6. She needs to take the photos and the quilt to 'show and tell' tomorrow - nothing like leaving it all to the last minute! (wonder who she gets that from). Anyway, just so you have a picture or two to look at, here she is at the sewing machine...

Here she is beside her little quilt at my quilting group's annual exhibition in 2004. (Sorry 'Bay Patchers', I haven't been for months). Miss L was very proud of her quilt and so was I!

Here is a pic of one I made, hanging at the same exhibition. The one with the squares. I had lots of squares of 'fossil ferns' fabrics which I still love and rather than hide them away, I made a quilt from them (which is now hidden away under the bed... oh well).

These pictures show the lovely fabric a bit better I think.


david santos said...

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If you have any information, please contact Crimestoppers on
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campbellgirl said...

Way to go girl, I knew you'd 'knock the b*****d off' (thanks Sir Edmund Hillary for that unforgettable quote) xoxox

Alis said...

Well done on getting rid of that essay.
Love both the quilts. Get it out from under the bed and put it on the bed!!
Hugs, Alis

Susan D said...

You've got to get that quilt out from under the bed and display it somewhere, it is gorgeous. And haven't you got a talented daughter obviously gets it from Mum.

Angel Jem said...

What a talented family! Get the quilt out and use it, woman! And I'm glad the essay's off & flying. Now, what did you have to tell me about the peripheral characters in Henry V?

Waltraud said...

This great quilt shouldn´t be under a bed - you have to show it.
I saw your lovely journal quilt and the little purse at flikr - these felting work - wonderful!

Gill at Lucy Locket said...

What a talented daughter...she made her quilt at six years old? Amazing, must be in the genes.
Gill x

Alison said...

Now they are proper quilts...what a talented daughter...she could teach me a thing or two:-)
Alison x

Joalfred said...

Hello How are you???... I congratulate you by your blog... although not much of ingles entendi much of which you write, and your blog is very pleasant greetings from Venezuela...

Dianne said...

Your daughter is gorgeous, and her quilt is lovely!!! Your quilt is amazing - the fabric is great - it definitely needs to be on the bed, not under it!!!!
P.S. I attended a funeral on Friday and we also had bagpipes as the deceased was originally from Scotland. The music from the bagpipes are hauntingly beautiful - also made me cry!!!!!