Wednesday, 2 May 2007

I'll Be Back!

Just a quick post to say Thank You! to Jo for the lovely bookmark and book - gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! I do love beady, dangly things (you must have sensed it oh mystical one!). I will post a pic of said items as soon as possible. I am trying to be really good you see and get on with my essay - I say that as if I have actually written something - I haven't - and that, of course, is the problem. So, if any of you know anything about 'how socially marginal figures in Shakespeare's Henry V and Aphra Behn's The Rover are represented', then please forward all anwers in a legible manner to myself (preferably with an introduction, middle bit, conclusion and in 1500 words, thank you). I will credit you in the bibliography and be your best friend for ever! Tomorrow I will study and write things down!!! So, just remember, in the words of The Terminator - I'll be back! xx


Angel Jem said...

It's the Falstaff bits, innit? It's like the lager louts getting left behind by their drinking buddy who gets a decent job & what they can do about it... nuffink, innit? And the marginal soldiers before agincourt who have their conversations, innit?
Don't credit me... just get on with your work &we'll miss you & see you when you get back... TTFN

Susan D said...

Blimey Sue I can't even say it, hah hah, never mind write about it. Shakespeare is not my thing.

carinthea said...

I had to post something because asking that exact question to Google brought up your page. A210? Good luck, I am having exactly the same issue.