Thursday, 10 May 2007

Tagged by a Gallus Besom!

Some gallus besom (Jo) has tagged me. Seven weird things about moi? Pah! can't think of one. Okay then...

1. According to 'everyone' (apart from my sister cos' she feels the same way) I am weird because listening to Leonard Cohen songs cheers me up whereas it apparently turns others to thoughts of suicide. I just don't get that - some folks are weird.

2. I think chocolate should NEVER be combined with fruit of any kind - no chocolate fondue with strawberries, no violet creams - nothing!! I'm not even happy with a chocolate orange. Ugh, it makes me nauseous to think of it - it's just WRONG people!

3. My lovely niece Briony is my third weird thing about me. She thinks bunting is something to do with cheese(?). She says she is my 'tree' and I am her 'grower' and when I give her a cuddle, I am then obviously a 'tree hugger'! She sometimes calls me 'Goth Mother' (I like black, it's not a crime!). I should point out here that she is 13. Nuff said.

4. I bribe myself. I do, really, and it sometimes works. For example, I will have a nice conversation with myself going something like 'right Susan, if you do two hours of studying now, then you will get to watch 'Doctors' this afternoon' or, if that's not working I might amend it to 'well Susan, one hour of studying is pretty good isn't it, especially if it's quality studying. Yes, so one hour of study, an hour of 'Loose Women', then lunch, then perhaps some quality highlighting of text book and then 'Doctors' on telly. Excellent!' It's a bit good cop/bad cop really isn't it?

5. When I was little I stuck scrambled eggs up my nose and swung on the front gate in just my vest. Not at the same time I might add.

6. I HATE having sticky hands. I'm talking jam here by the way (sheesh!). Yes, jam, golden syrup, anything like that - I just can't bear it. Have to eat my cake with a fork too - just in case.

7. I really quite fancy Peter Kay - especially when he does that 'walking to the dance floor' dance. Yup, it's true.

So there you go. Neither very weird nor interesting! So now I have to tag four people (mwahaahaaaa). I hereby tag Diane, Alis, Susan, and David to post 7 weird things about themselves - or not - there's no pressure here!


katelnorth said...

you're not alone - Leonard Cohen cheers me up, too. And a former colleague of mine used to listen to him a lot and never seemed ready to slit her wrists (at least, not because of the music), so I suspect we are a small but select group. Hallelujah.

Angel Jem said...

And you use such wonderful words.... a gallus besom? I'm not sure whether to be offended or happy, so I'll go for both. Nice list....(Peter Kay? Heh? It must be a matter of being laughed into bed... turnt big light on and lets get on t'internet....)

david mcmahon said...

Thanks for the tag - will respond shortly.



Sarah said...

Ahh well you're not that mad then!!!!

I have to say I understand your liking of Peter Kay, he isn't my type but funniness is such a good thing in a man... Eddie Izzard for example..... I like my lipstick too so that would be a bonus with Eddie!

david mcmahon said...

G'day Papoosue,

Am just about to reply to your tag. Many thanks.