Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Last Few Journal Pages - Long Post!

Here are the last few pages from my art journal from 2005. Some are a bit personal and I wasn't sure whether I wanted to show them or not. Then I thought how they helped me work through some stuff a little and so maybe they might inspire someone else to do the same.

So, this one was a challenge to make a 'cartooned' image by tracing over a photo etc. The background is just differnt ink pads pressed onto the page. The photos are attached by little coloured brads.

I remember the theme for this one - it was 'sludge'. So I just wrote about feeling 'sludgey' and annoyed! The background was some scribbling with coloured pencils, some fabric triangles and a lot of black acrylic as well! Written on with a black Sharpie pen and a very blobby white pen! Oh yes and a flower with a plaster on - there must have been some highly symbolic reason for that at the time I'm sure!!

This one was 'what's on your coffee table?'. At the time I didn't have a coffee table, so I wrote about that. Background was collage of pages from magazines/papers etc, paint/ink and stamping. I quite liked the colours of this one.

I think this challenge was to do something with colours you don't usually 'do'. Mine was blue. Background looks like paint, then collage with magazine papers and some stamping again.

Not sure what this was supposed to be, but I think I used bleach on a photo of myself. Yes, bleached and then used paint/ink on it to see what happened. Collaged and painted background and some writing/stamping/sanding and dymo labelling.

This is one of the personal ones. Acrylic paint and gesso background with collage and photo. Not my favourite page in a creative sense but it was about we'didn't have in our house'. My thing was that we nearly didn't have Lucy because she was very sick when she was born.

I'm guessing there was a 'time' theme going on here. I think the background was scrunched paper with ink rubbed over and I tried some method of transferring images here too but I can't recall how to do it now. Some collage and manipulated photo of me with a 'lidded' head. That must be how my brain escaped!

This is a favourite of mine. I love the colours and the content (raspberries yay!). Gesso and paint background with collage and stamping. The little strip of paper on the raspberries reads 'a recipe for slut red raspberries with chardonnay jelly' - don't you love the description (I'm thinking this is one of Nigella's!)

The last one! A more personal one about how I wished my kids would stop growing! They grow up so fast, it's just not fair - my thoughts on that.

I hope you enjoyed seeing the pages. There are more pages but no pictures of them. Incidentally, I like to use Pink Pig books for my journals - they are fantastic and the quality of the pages is fantastic, you can really slap on the paint/gesso etc without worrying they will disintegrate. They come in a number of shapes/sizes - try them out if you haven't already!


Waltraud said...

Your pages are so beautiful and I can lern so much, with some of my friends I´ll have a RR with fabric book pages.

Janet said...

These pages are just gorgeous!

Alis said...

Fabulous pages Susan, thank you for sharing them.
I particularly like your lidded head! Definitely a Monty Python moment.

I love Pink Pig books too, great quality.

Alison said...

Again they are really very good Susan.
Take care,

Sharm said...

nice work
I like it
thank you and have a nice day

Dianne said...

All so wonderful!! I love the "Coffee Table" page - I can relate to that....

Gill at Lucy Locket said...

Thanks for sharing your work Susan, it's fabulous. I love the coffee table page and the raspberries page especially, and the Lucy page is very moving (I too have a Lucy who had meningitis as an 8 month old so your piece touched my heart :)
Good luck with the exams, I'll be sending positive thoughts your way.

Gill x