Saturday, 23 June 2007

More Felting Fun

Today the weather was mainly like this (again!)...

So we made more felt! Lucy got on with her felt making kit from Twist Fibre Craft Studio

Here is her finished piece!

We tried making felt balls after that. This is our first one..

Adam turned out to be the best felt ball maker - in fact he thought perhaps he should go into business because he was so good!!

I got a bit adventurous and tried a couple of 'pictures'..

Our final collection of felt balls. There are a couple on earring wires at the top right which I plan to try out as earrings. Apparently quite a few of the balls were in the style of Pokemon balls - those with children will appreciate this!

I must say that I thoroughly recommend felt making for a rainy day - the children were happy to do it for absolutely ages and loved every minute - no arguing either!


Alison said...

WOW! you all have been really creative...wonderful felt making.
We MUST try this it looks such fun.
Alison x

Alis said...

What a great day you had. You are all so creative. Well done.

Françoise said...

It looks like you had fun!

Waltraud said...

Somestimes it´s o.k. when the wheather is´nt fine - great results!

Dianne said...

What a creative family!! Great stuff.