Wednesday, 27 June 2007

The Sun is Out

The sun has come out at last today, although we have still had some showers. Still, lets hope the weather continues to improve throughout the week. Although it will be little comfort for all those poor people affected by the awful floods.

I have made myself get on today and I finished my bag (for a 'recycled' series/theme). I have tried to photograph it indoors and out and none of the pics are very good at all. This is about the best, but still the colours are not right - it looks quite nice really.

I also experimented with trying to make a felted vessel or two (the vessels without the pestles Alis!). The little blue one is quite robust but the brown one is a bit too floppy I think. I wonder if it would strengthen with stitching? Hmm, will have to think on that.

Did another couple of pieces of wet felting. This green piece looks better in real life, the colours are great and I think I might make a little cover for my mobile phone from it.

This piece also turned out nicely - I'm going to try and turn it into some sort of bag or container I think - perhaps with stitching. Not quite decided yet.

Tonight I'm venturing out to my quilt group - Bay Patchers. I haven't been for months on end and it will be a surprise if anyone recognises me! My long suffering friend Maria will be there, so we can have a nice blether and a cup of tea. Tomorrow we (Maria and I) go to our monthly textile group - this usually results in us marvelling at other people's work and feeling thoroughly disheartened about our own! Not only that, but if we need the loo we have to go outside and round the corner to the squash club to use theirs - not good if it's lashing with rain (or indeed if you get there and find you've forgotten the 'code' for the lock on the door!!!).

I've almost decided on the next OU course - it's a toss up between 'Enlightenment to Romanticism' and 'Creative Writing' - I must admit I fancy the creative writing one - (not that I'm any good at writing you understand but one does dream of a dazzling literary career like old JK Rowling!!). Eeny meeny miny mo.....

And finally, I must say thank you to all you lovely supportive people who have left kind comments after my 'miserable' post. I'm sure I will pick up soon - we all have times like these I guess, but it really is nice to have people to 'share' them with and who will cheer you up with a kind word or a kick up the bum (whichever is required!). Yes, I'm starting to feel better already.....'the sun'll come out tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow.......' blimey, did I sing that out loud? xx


Alison said...

You have been busy. I love the bag and felt work.
I'm a terrible writer so 'Enlightenment to Romanticism' sounds very interesting let us know what you finally decide.
Glad your feeling more up beat I don't think this weather helps much...not much sun in Bedfordshire today. Still feeling pretty low myself.
Take care,
Alison x

Jacqui said...
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Jacqui said...

For someone who can't seem to create anything at the moment, you seem pretty darn busy. I love the purse and the felted vessels, I suspect stitching would strengthen the larger one.

Thanks for your comment about my Puddles of Dreams blog. I try to keep my creative side separate because I am aiming to become more serious about it and spend less time on the PC. I am failing miserably so far but at least I am being creative which improvement on the past.

Believe it or not we are having too much rain at the moment. Normally at this time of year we are sweltering under clear blue skies and temps in the mid 90's-100. However a tropical low has parked itself right over central TX and OK, blocked in by a high in the east.At the beginning of the spring we were in a severe drought, now we are having floods. Its horrible weather because the humidity is in 80% range and temp is near 90f, so it feels like you are in a bath all the time! Plus its grey...very grey.

Mary said...

Glad to see you feel better keep it up

Susan D said...

Glad you're feeling a bit better. I've just had a look at the courses you are considering, blimey you don't do things by half do you.

Janet said...

That purse is fantastic!! I love it! As for the classes, I think they both sound interesting but I would choose the creative writing since I need it badly!

Glad you're feeling better. It does help to have others who share or who inspire us to get going.

picperfic said...

gorgeous felting and love the seem to dabble in pleanty of different things. I get excited by seeing things and need to try them for myself...being creative is my sanity!

Waltraud said...

Your feltet work is great and I wish you the best.

Dianne said...

Your felting is looking great!! The vessels are really cool.... I'm into vessels at the moment. Also the bag is wonderful - I like the orange closure!!!

Alis said...

Oh great work Susan.
I'm just back on line after feeling uck myself so we shall be feeling better together.

I love the felting - all great pieces but of course the vessels have to be my favourites (pestle or not!)

Hugs, Alis