Sunday, 17 June 2007

We Have Weather!

At last the weather is looking better. The sun is out and so are the children! Even the other half is out cutting the grass - things are looking up! I've a busy day today - my daughter is performing ballet in a show at Carnegie Hall - no, not that one, the one in Dunfermline! The show is Snow White and she is 'sunset' - yup, betcha didn't know there was a sunset in Snow White!! She has two performances today and one tomorrow night - she is a little nervous, but she will be fine.

With regard to being creative - well, I haven't really. I finished the white top, which was quite nice but I need to redo the shoulders before I can wear it. I've also experimented a bit with trying to make 'fabric paper' - with fabric painted with pva/water, bits of thread added, tissue added and then more pva - waiting to see how it turns out. I've got some nice hand dyed fabric I'm looking to make something with and I want to do some more 'recycled flower' pictures, so that I have a series of them. You may or may not remember the first one I made;

I really like 'using up' things - scraps of this and that - so this kind of piece appeals to me. I didn't start out imagining flowers on this, but thats just the way it ended up! I love the way that happens sometimes.


Susan D said...

Wish you Daughter Good Luck from me I'm sure she will be fine. Love your recycled 'flower'.

Gill at Lucy Locket said...

So you didn't get your night out on Saturday?!
Good luck to your daughter, my daughter joined a dance group for about a year, I well remember her first show, I was so proud that she even had the confidence to step onto a stage (I would never have done that as a child, still wouldn't!)

Alis said...

Oh that is very pretty Susan.

Wishing good luck to your daughter. I remember taking Laura dancing and I still have the photos of her first dance show and the programme from her first "grown up" show - My Fair Lady.

Waltraud said...

Your "flower" is so nice and I wish your daughter the best!

Jacqui said...

good luck to your daughter. My youngest was part of the frog chorus one year at Carnegie. I was so proud of her but also puzzled as at the end I could not see her.

Apparently someone had told her everyone was finished so she got dressed and waited for me. You can imagine the tears once she realised she should have been on stage again. She was only 6 and such a doll at the time.

Sadly she gave up dancing by the following year. Now she about to start University, she wishes she had continued the classes.

Janet said...

I hope your daughter's performances went good. I gasped when I read Carnegie Hall!! That got my attention! I'm sure she did great.

The piece of experimental fabric/paper is beautiful. I love the flowers....very summery.